Drop wires

We can recommend the correct weight if you tell us the speed of the loom and count of the warp. We can offer up to 16g drop wires. Email us at info@transally.com.cn with your required specification or ask us for a product questionnaire.

Closed, U type thread eye

Open, U type thread eye

L = Length of drop wire
L1 = upper trough length
L2 = upper length
B = Width of drop wire
B1 = Width of thread eye
B2 = Width of lower trough
E = Thickness of drop wire
Measurement = Millimeter (mm)

Outer Top Shape
Drop Wire Eyelet

  1. According to ISO standard 1150, These TRANSALLY drop wires comply with every application requirement for efficient operation on all automatic drawing-in systems, such as A, B & C type.
  2. According to ISO standard 441, These types are not specifically designed for use on drawing-in machines, which are D & E type.
  3. Non-standardized drop wires, These drop wires are for specific applications which include F, G, D, E, A & so on.

Table of Drop Wires specifications

Stainless steel and Nickel plated are all available upon request.